Monday, 15 November 2010

Playing Strange Aeon

Had my second game with my son, the scenario was fighting it was set at 16 BP this was due to the fact he never lost any player in the first game so he can’t re -equip with any new agents or equipment.
All he had from first game was rifle man given the skill Lighting Fast.
You can see the set up in the picture plenty of cover or so I thought?
The trees was deemed cover 5+ if in base contact, the pillars and ruins was cover 4+ in base contact , and between the trees and the road running to the ruins will that was classed as long grass giving a 6+ cover throw .
For the Lurkers I went with a Mummy and 4 cultist one with a Tommy gun the other three .22 pistils the other point being spent on bowie knifes for 2 of them for CC, 16 BP in all.

The events of that night
It was getting near dusk as we approached the ruins, I herd one of the agents remark “I went through the Great War but these cultist scare the shit out of me” in the war Germans would put there hands up but cultist all way fight to the death.
As we got closer just behind some apple trees, one could see the out line of the ruins, I give the order quit and keep you eyes open.
We crypt closer using the long grass as cover, agent Smith out front with his rifle and agent Parker moving towards one of the pillars near the ruins, just as parker reached the pillar Smith fired his rifle, what you shooting at I remarked “there was movement in the long grass other side of the road in front of me whispered smith as not to give his position away” will then did you hit it, Smith replayed no don’t think so this grass is giving them cover.

We all paused for what seemed like a life time when Smith fired his rifle again and a scream went out, Agent Smith remarked yep he dead this time.
Parker shouted they trying to out flank us at the ruins, with that a cultist let of a few rounds with a Tommy gun, the pillar saved Parkers life.

Movement caught the corner of my eye from across the road I turned my head and saw the out line of a grotesque creature moving towards Parker hiding behind the pillar, I give a shout move quick this way, but to late, Parker saw the Mummy, Parker let out a shot with his revolver but his hand was shaken, the shot went wide with that parker moved a few steps back wards then stopped he turned around, I could see it in his eyes fear, he stood there motionless for what seemed like a life time and fell to the ground motionless looking up to the havens, I wanted to help him but my legs would not move, I raised my gun hoping to save him when a shot rang out, looking around it was Smith who fired, the mummy went down but it was not dead and Smith was reloading his rifle, then I herd a volley of shots looking around agent Shotts was on his nee with a steady outstretch hand holding his revolver, with that the mummy fell silent ever shot hit true.

I helped agent Parker to his feet you ok I remarked, yes he said as his shaken hand tried to reload his revolver, as I helped parker agent Shotts let out a shout they moving toward you, then a shot rang out Smith remarked nope he staying were he is, the cultist with the Tommy gun fell to the ground.
The cultist lurking near were the Tommy gun cultist lay dead made a move though the ruins, Smith let out a shot you could see the bullet ricochet of one of the pillars and the other missed , both Parker and I fired our revolvers both parker shots missed as his hand was still shaken, my first shot ricochet of the pillar these ruins was giving him good cover my second missed, the cultist fired his .22 but both shots missed, Smith fired his rifle again one shot ricocheting other missing , I steadied my revolver and fired this time I hit him and he went down.

Across the road we saw the last cultist take up cover behind a pillar, I can till you we throw every thing at him but he seemed to have a charmed life behind that pillar, eventfully a round found it mark and he lay dead, we searched the site for info of who they were or why they was here but found nothing.
Shotts remarked we did will to night, I turned around and give him a hard stare “No we got lucky the extra shooting range practise help Smith with his shots and a big plus they never had rifle to combat our range of fire”
I took my lighter out and lit Parker cigarette his hand was still shaken, my round every one we need a stiff drink am buying.

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