Saturday, 31 December 2011

WIP Fenris Mi-Go

My latest WIP two MI-Go's by Fenris, will this is the picture's of my first one put together.
Compared to other Mi-Go miniature on the market I like these the best.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Dark Young WIP

Here is a rather good rendition of a Dark Young of Shub-niggurath bye the makers of the game Carnevale.
This is a WIP as you can see I have used 2mm and 3mm magnets for the tentacles so I can easily away pack in my foam case and on the plus side I can reset the pose if I wish.


Been awhile since I last posted, so here is some Lurker that I painted up for Strange Aeon.
The Mad Professor

Necromancer, I was thinking a Tudor time line Strange Aeon hence me painting this up.

These three are part of my Undead Lurkers the wee Mad doctor and two Blasphemous Constructs.