Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Painting up a Company B 1920 Mk1 Rolls Royce Armoured Car

I sent away for a 1916 RRAC with wire wheels but was sent the 1920 Mk1 with solid wheels, bit late for WW1, would have sent it back but was putting it to gather when I realised the error, but as am thinking of taking up A Very British Civil War (AVBCW) I will have a use for it, plus it’s something to paint up.

After WW1 armour was painted green until around 1930 when the British Standard came out,and the chose of colour then was ether light, medium or deep bronze green up to WW2, but I have read that the green used was smilier to medium bronze green.
Am in two minds weather to leave it this green and weather it or go medium bronze green.

The Rolls Royce armour car has been given a base coat of green paint and camouflage, paint used was Lifecolor Green UA54 this is FS 34096 and is equivalent to BS381C 223 Middle Bronze Green this is the base colour used on British army vehicle from 1930 to 1940 and the camouflage was Lifecolor Dark Olive UA111 this is FS34052 and the equivalent to BS381C 224 Deep Bronze Green, after the base coat I give it a gloss coat of acyclic varnish for protection then a flat coat of acyclic varnish to dull it down.

Your can’t see it in the picture due to the strong evening light but I have highlighted the top parts and deepened the shadow parts, as this paint colour is olive in colour that is to say it made from black and yellow then to darken the colour then you should add black to lighten ether yellow or yellow with a touch of white.
If you use white to lighting then it will tend to go a greyish green, this would be ok if you was fading the paint.
I may add a touch more camouflage to this model.