Friday, 12 November 2010

More Strange Aeon Lurkers

Had painter block for awhile now, got Strange Aeon miniatures to paint up so I have started with this hand full.
This is the Formless Thing and was made bye Strange Aeon and is made with risen.
I wanted it with a shimmering of colour some thing that would change in real life, it was a tall order, painted it with deep blue shade then lined with then black wash, then did the high lights with a metallic blue then toned them down with a fine coat of black using a air brush, looks good when holding it as it catches the light but hard for me to capture that on camera.
The body and tentacle both have earth magnets so to remove to pack away.

The witch is from Heresy miniatures, as Strange Aeon is set in the roaring twenties it did not seem right to have one with a pointed hat, and nearly all manufacture make them like that, so thirst thing I did was remove said pointed hat and give hair.
Black was out of the question for a modern witch so went with brown and blue for a more modern shawl, now she was looking more like a old hag, hair I went with red to pull the colours together but not bright red but with touches of grey to say she getting old.
I give her a booze nose of bright red to make it stand out, after the shadows and highlights I used Mig’s Industrial Earth 502 oil to make a wash I used on face hair shawl to give a dirt unkempt look.

I all ready have a mummy paint up but he more of the modren type, I wanted some thing from the early movies played by Boris Karloff so I painted this one up think I used a bone colour for his bandage and give it a overall wash of Mig’s Industrial Earth 502 oil to age the bandage.

The standing stones in all the pictures was made by Old Crow Models, they were painted a sand colour and then giving a fine wash with Mig’s Industrial Earth 502 oil to age them and then selective wash of green with a Mig oil.


  1. That witch sure is one creepy looking model :D

  2. Thank you, she did turn out as I wanted thou the lines on the shawl was bit thick,but she never realy looked the part till I give her face and hair that dirty wash,then it fell into place.