Wednesday, 15 December 2010

This model is the Son of Yog-Sothoth made by a upcoming miniature manufacture Tengu, Yog-Sothoth is a outer God from the Cthulhu Myths it‘s body is risen made and tentacles are lead based, and this was bought for the game Strange Aeon, as it stands just now there is no rules for him, but they will be out in due coarse.
You may ask why the Son of Yog- Sothoth the story goes that a family off cultist named Whateleys worshipped the outer God Yog-Sothoth, and the mother mated and bore two sons witch were tainted and grotesque to look at.

How I went about painting up, I airbrushed with a Vallejo primer to start then I used the airbrush for the two main coats, first coat was Yellow Sand (1) and next coat Hemp (2), the reason I went with the light coat first was to try something new out, after the last coat of Hemp was on I then used oven cleaner to remove the high points this leaving the shadow’s in place, but I must stress you must wait till the first coat is fully dry or your take to much off.
Then I did a dry brush with Sand, paint used was Vallejo Air.
I found oven cleaner useful for removing acyclic paint, just put some on a brush and rub were you want the paint to come off, to stop the process use plain water.
After that I did the tentacles with Dark Yellow, this is very same Dark Yellow used on Germen WWII tanks.
The small lumps on the body I don’t think they are boils but lumps with a small air bubble you some times get in cold cast, but some looked like burst boils, so I went that direction plus the boils will add some colour to the miniature, the eyes was painted was painted in a off white black iris and bloodshot in the comers, with the face I was in two minds weather to leave it the same skin colour or change it, so I went with a light highlight of pink, teeth was off white with a wash of dark yellow and I painted in one gold tooth.



I needed a ghost for Strange Aeon so I used the wee girl holding a toy doll of Cthulhu
It is made bye Hassel Free miniatures.

This is my Cult, when I first started out there was not much in the UK in way of cults being made by miniature manufactures, so I plumed for Artizan miniatures cultist ok for starting out but I had to do some conversions, rifle man, crossbow man, suicide bomber, and give them the odd hand weapon.
Plus the high priest pointing is a very old GW Inquisitor may go as far back to the mid 80s.

The serpent humanoid is one of the original Grenadier miniatures when they first came out, still two more to paint up.

Have bought two cats familiars to go with my witch, these are from Rapiers Miniatures, just a overall black coat highlighted with a very dark blue was trying to keep them black.