Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Ghoul King and Scrawny One's

This is my Ghoul King there should be rules out for him in the near future.
He is the Magus for the Cult De Ghouls in V.U.K, would think his stats will be in ether Shocking Tales II or the VUK rule book when its out.
Bought him and my other ghouls from Heresy miniatures, I found it easier to paint them up then him, I could not picture him in my mind and he sat in my box of miniature to paint up for a few months.
I did a basic cost of flesh with highlights and shadows, I could only see the one eye so I painted it in, the overall appearance I wanted was similar to my other ghouls and that was him being dirty, so the loincloth and flesh was giving a selective wash of Mig’s Industrial Earth, some parts more dirty then others, I presume the body he standing on it freshly dug up so I kept the skin clean.

A update on the Scrawny One's
These pictures is my idea off the Scrawny ones having a snack, the head is from Gripping Beast miniatures they do a range of heads for there WW1 miniatures, and the Tommy gun from Hassle Free miniatures, the Tommy gun and head is not fixed in place as I can’t find my blue tack, the one on the right side seemed to be content as if he had just eaten with his hand on his stomach, I had other ideas about that, so I cut a Gripping Beast head in half and glued it on his stomach, then used green stuff on the edge of his stomach to give the look as if he was too full and his stomach was bursting.
Before painting the face flesh I filled in the eyes socket with green stuff then painted it flesh as his head would be sticking out of his stomach then only the high details had to show forehead, chin and nose ,the I painted his stomach with a glaze green idea being that its part transparent and the face had to partly show through.
Am happy with it but its had to capture what I want on camera.

Here is my Scrawny Ones
Painted them awhile back when my mind was not on painting, so it was rather a quick paint up.


  1. Nice work, the Ghoul King is one disgusting model :D

  2. Some times I buy a miniature and after I bought it I think how the hell do I paint it were do I start what colour scheme will I use, will I do it justice, then it ends up in the box for months as I can’t rap my mind around it, that how I found my self with the Ghoul King, but seeing it will now have a use in Strange Aeon I decided to give it a go, I am happy with the result.