Friday, 21 January 2011

Conversion to Ghouls

This is some conversion I have done to the Heresy miniature Ghouls.
Back row
The one on the left had no weapon so I give him a pitch fork it’s made out of brass rod, the one crouching had no weapon so I give him a meat cleaver, no way could he hold it so was just as easy to have it sticking out of the ground, the running ghoul is holding a meat cleaver but it being converted into a axe or replaced with a axe.

Front row
Left hand ghoul was holding a knife but made a buckler type sword for him from brass plate, next ghoul was holding a human leg removed it and give him a cross bow, and last ghoul was holding a sickle but replaced it with a brass made meat clever.

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  1. Those look brutal and scary as shit! Well done!